Alberta Alt/Rock band THE HI-TOPS lead singer channels Jim Morrison on “Old Enough” Single and Video of upcoming EP with SODEH Records.

“Old Enough” is an alternative rock ballad where the band steps away from their alternative roots to lead listeners through the tale of a lustful relationship. Lead guitar/vocal/songwriter Kole Halvorson channels one of his earliest influences Jim Morrison from The Doors to give the song a psychedelic groove that dances throughout its duration. That and the Santana-like guitar hook fuse “Old Enough” into something you would hear in a Tijuana saloon.

“Old Enough” starts with an atmospheric and peeled back rhythm with clean guitars and a delicate drum beat. The band focused on welcoming space throughout the verse sections, which in the end helped the guitar tones shimmer and the bass guitar to accent the rhythm in various ways. The song eventually reaches a heavier jam section with distorted guitars but never loses its feel throughout. Old Enough is quickly turning into a staple in the band’s live show, as it offers a different perspective into The Hi-Tops diverse musical taste. It also provides an opportunity for improvisation, as the song is never played the same way twice. Old Enough was rehearsed lightly before being recorded in studio, which gives the recording an “in the moment” feel which really captures the essence of the song..” – Explains frontman Kole

The Hi-Tops are an alternative hard-rock band coming from Calgary, Alberta Canada. The band is known for its ability to provide a rowdy on-stage performance while showcasing a delicate sense of tenderness and precision. The Hi-Tops broke onto the scene in 2019 and within their first few months as a band they won the Cowboys Calgary Music Competition earning themselves the opportunity to open for one of the headliners at the Calgary Stampede (Due to Covid-19 cancellations this was unable to take place). Earlier that year they played Big Winter Classic, a Calgary festival that invites talent from all around the globe, and opened for acts such as Ron Gallo, Bully, and The Garry’s. Since then The Hi-Tops have been developing their craft and molding themselves as a high-profile act in the Calgary and Alberta Music scene. Selling out legendary venues such as the King Eddy, Palomino, and Union Hall Edmonton has garnered the band a reputation of having the most electric live show in town. In March 2022 the band released its debut EP which has accumulated almost 50,000 streams on Spotify alone and has been listened to internationally. The Hi-Tops are preparing to release their sophomore EP in March 2023.

Vocals/Guitar: Kole Halvorson
Guitar: Luke Lepine
Bass: Chandler Billinghurst
Drums: Will Hitchings